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JailBreak Server Rules
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Exclamation  12-02-2019, 05:55 PM (This post was last modified: 02-09-2020, 09:34 PM by KuroChan.)
If you are new to jailbreak, you must join the terrorist team.

  1. Respect All Players.
  2. ALWAYS listen to the admins. They are there for a reason.
  3. No Threatening of any kind towards the server (DDOS Threats).
  4. No Hacking/Glitching or exploiting of any kind.
  5. You must report any exploits or bugs you find, failure to do so will lead to punishment.
  6. No Advertising of other communities/clans through name/chat or any other way.
  7. No racial or religious slurs toward a player.
  8. No Pornographic/Gore images in sprays or via website links.
  9. No ghosting of any kind.
  10. No chat/voice/radio or sourcemod commands spamming.
  11. No weapon spamming to lag server.
  12. All players complaints must go to admin-chat/forums/discord, keep the server chat complaints free.
    NOTE : Please keep the voice-chat English only and try not to interrupt others.

JAILBREAK is a role-playing game mode which simulates a jail environment, all players are divided into three groups: Warden, Guards and Prisoners.

  1. Freedays are only temporary given when :
    - There is no warden until a guard becomes warden and gives new orders.
    - All cell doors are open with no given orders until the warden gives new orders.
  2. Only the warden can give orders to prisoners and can't grant freedays.
  3. Do not speak over Warden.
  4. If an admin swaps your team, you must stay on the team you have been swapped to, until map change.
  5. The last two remaining non-rebelling prisoners must be kept alive if possible. (unless they rebel afterwards or delay the round)
  6. Do not interfere with other players in LR.
  7. LRs must be played fairly, custom LR rules can be refused by guards.
  8. Custom rules must be specified and accepted by a guard before LR starts.
  9. Do not delay rounds on purpose.
  10. Use common sense in every situation.
  11. Special Days overrides guard rules.
  12. When a warday starts at 7:00 it also overrides guard rules as long as the guards stay inside the warday area.


  1. No Freekilling. (Guards are allowed to kill prisoners who are rebelling/escaping or not following warden orders)
  2. Only Prisoners can use special/secret weapons.
  3. Guards with no mic must leave the warden position to guards with mic if asked to.
  4. Warden should go through map games and keep custom games minimal if possible.
  5. Custom games must be explained before being played with every single detail and can only be used to kill up to a fair amount of prisoners.
  6. Warden should repeat orders at least once when asked to.
  7. If an admin removes your warden, you must stay on as guard for the rest of the round.
  8. No Camping in armoury / vents / medic / secret areas.
  9. Guards must stay near warden at all times, therefore you should not be wandering around the map,
  10. Guards should listen to warden orders and protect the warden.
  11. Guards should give warnings before killing prisoners, except if it’s a rebelling or an escaping prisoner. (Verbal warnings or warning shots)
  12. Interfering with Warden's games is not allowed. (shooting football or pressing buttons)
  13. If you killed a non rebelling prisoner by mistake you must slay. (type "kill" in console)
  14. Warden cannot order prisoners to do something which will kill them unfairly or to stay in cells.
  15. Guards are not allowed to bait or gun-plant unless its a game and approved by warden. (Baiting is going near prisoners)
  16. If your gameplay is lacking you will be banned/swapped off the guard's team.
  17. All game prizes must be declared to the guards teamchat before starting the game.
  18. If the game prize is death the prisoner must have the choice to accept or deny/pass the prize.
  19. Warden must not give false orders or orders to attack a guard.
  20. Guards must not teamkill.
  21. Guards cannot open/break a vent/secret unless they know there is a prisoner inside there.
  22. Warden must start a warday by using the "!warday" command.
  23. No custom special days are allowed, you must use the V.I.P Warden "!sd" command to start a special day.
  24. Warden must give logical/understandable and fair orders. (No favouritism)

Exemple of things that makes you a rebel and may get you killed if you get caught by a guard :
  1. Not following orders or Delaying/Detouring to follow orders.
  2. Dealing Damage to guards.
  3. Unholstering a weapon and pointing it at a guard.
  4. Having a Suicide Bomb.
  5. Taking/Breaking/Using or opening a secret or a vent. (anything that is normally hidden by map is a secret)
  6. Leaving your cell before all the cells are open.
  7. If you are approaching the warden from an angle he/she can't see you from. (Warden's life always takes priority, no matter the prisoner's intentions)
  8. Not taking the orders seriously.

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