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Donation system Purchasing Tutorial.
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Information  12-01-2019, 01:26 AM (This post was last modified: 02-18-2020, 07:48 PM by Foenix Gaming.)
First of all it is not possible to use steam wallet to buy from the donate website.

Let's Start The steps:

1- Why Insuficcient Credits? because the V.I.P (30 Days) package is for 10 Credits and you initially have 0 credits. So click "Add Credits" to add enough credits to purchase this package.

[Image: IllLJRp.png]

2- You type whatever amount of credits you want to add to your account then you need to agree to the T&C. (1 credit = 1 USD)

[Image: 2FLM5b2.png]

Note : You will receive your credits instantly after the purchase goes through.

3- After you receive your credits you will have to go back to the store page, select your package click "Next" then "Buy" a menu will pop up and finally click "Buy package"

[Image: sAB2mNL.png]

4- When "Purchase completed! You should receive your package soon." appears it means everything went through correctly and you should be receiving your package in about 5 to 15 minutes delay.

[Image: T6NhTWl.png]

Please note that extending ranks/packages is not supported yet by our donation system. So to extend you must Re-buy the rank/package AFTER it expires. Also we don't offer any refund if you get demoted for abusing your rank/package.

But we do support transfering your credits to a friend by clicking "Transfer Credits".

[Image: 0tRTHwj.png]

Note : After clicking "Continue" a confirmation menu will appear providing you the details of the steam account to confirm if its your friend.

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